Con. Joseph Cao had a chance at leadership, and failed.


Joseph Cao, finds himself between a rock and a hard place.  Elected by a landslide against an oponent that was riddled with corruption and controversy.  His district is primarily black, and Democratic voters.  A politician would stick his finger in the wind, and vote the direction his constituents are demanding.  Nothing wrong with that, you’re doing what most of the people in your district are asking you to do.  Not doing so, is political suicide.  However, what is the point of even running as a Republican, it you’re just going to end up voting as a Democrat.  What a true leader would do, is communicate why the health care bill is bad for the people of New Orleans, and begin building up the conservative principles that will sustain his Lower Louisiana district in the long run.  Leadership usually means taking the more difficult path, because the easy path requires no leader, it is already filled and flowing.  In this test of leadership, you failed Joseph, and your vote with the people will not likely save your career anyway.

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