Is Global Cooling, Damaging the Global Warming Argument?

During, the last ice age, our ranch in Wyoming was under a massive glacier.  So the constant fear mongering by the media of an impending ice age, was of great concern to me.  It didn’t help that some of my teachers also jumped on the ice age band wagon.  I was a young teenager without the experience to filter the news in a meaningful way.  My grandparents, and their peers, made jest of the news, especially on warm summer days, or on the coldest winter days.  To be honest, I didn’t know what to believe, but I was sure of one thing.  If it was going to happen, the only choice would be relocation, and that made me feel vulnerable.

Fast forward 35 years, and we were making the same jokes in reverse.  More and more people are catching on, as we move back into a cooling cycle, that global warming is hype.  Scientist have always endlessly debated theory, and will continue to make arguments that support their theory.  In fact, the debate, and crafting experiments that point to a theoretical outcome, are an intellectual space race, with bragging rights going to the latest launch of data, or well crafted symposium speech.  So forget the science, pay attention to the politics being driven by the science.

Climate change is a convenient vehicle to manage and control people.  Washington looks forward to a new tax to fund their ever-increasing appetite for spending.  It will give the UN and other global organizations a steady income stream that keeps them funded.  They will no longer have to argue their budget needs to a committee for annual funding.

Big business has their hand out as well.  In the real world, a company must produce a market viable product, or service, to create revenue flow.  How much easier that task becomes, if new regulations eat into the profits of your smaller competitors.  Is it easier for GE to hire an administrative team to track compliance issues, or the small business with 50 employees.  Of course big players want more regulation, their aggregate costs of compliance are pennies on the dollar compared to smaller companies.

An even better scenario for companies like GE, is to have regulation enacted that mandates their product, such as the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs.  That one is going to be a cash cow for GE.

This latest cycle of cooling is derailing the climate change argument.  We just had the 3rd coldest October on record, and more science is emerging that debunks the global warming theories, or points to sun activity as the temperature regulator for the earth.  Those who have the most to gain, the UN, Washington, and big business will stay on the band wagon, for as long as the argument can sway the masses.  So here is hoping for a few long hard winters, to drive the point home in the next generation of fearful youth.

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