Anita Dunn Stepping Down

Anita “Mao-ist” Dunn is stepping down as communications czar at the end of this month.  A video of her praising Chairman Mao, was shown on Glenn Beck’s show, and she has been in the spot light ever since.  A video of her outlining the control of the media during obama’s election, also cause her to be scrutinized.

I am sure you share my dismay that she is leaving her high-profile post, but before we can do a happy dance, keep in mind, that when Van Jones stepped down, it was more a step to the side.

The radical czars are apparently causing a little too much attention to be drawn away from obama.  It seems like the best way to get a czar out of the White House, it to pay more attention to them than to obama.  You can absolutely love all things socialist, terrorist, and far left, but if your actions cut into the teleprompters time, your gone.

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