A Very Merry Christmas From Pelosi

Pelosi has a Christmas present for America.  It will only cost the working family $3600 annually in regulatory costs, collected as higher costs of goods and services, and direct tax confiscation.  This gift also carries the financial burden of $15,000+ a year, for the cheapest qualifying insurance program.  All together, that is almost $19,000, taken out of your stockings each Christmas.  Pelosi, your gift logic reminds me of another iconic holiday figure,

You’re a mean one, Mrs. Grinch…


Thank you, to my talented wife for the Pelosi-Grinch artwork, you’re the best sweety.

Video credit to Townhall.com

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3 Responses to “A Very Merry Christmas From Pelosi”

  1. Dot Says:

    No thanks, this is a Christmas gift I can do without.

  2. Nathan Butler Says:

    Do they realize that if it goes through the Senate, then it still has to get past the Court, and then there is still the final check and balance…. #2 of 10 in the Bill of Rights.

  3. Melvin Lutton Says:

    I am so disappointed in our elected officials in our government. And that includes President Obama. My message to them is ” you all were elected to serve us.” Instead you come up with this rediculous health care bill. This gives the illusion that you are giving us something. You certainly are not.

    We definitely are opposed to this ,or any similar bill which will cost us more than it gives.

    We had a good government under President Ronald Reagan. Why can’t you simply follow his example, and truly serve the people. Less government is better than more. Less taxes are better than more.

    Get with it….Stop trying to take from those that have, and GIVING to those that don’t have, and don’t give a dam.

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