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A tasty combination of common sense, simmered with spicy comments.  Best enjoyed with a conservative mindset, and a desire for Liberty.  Ultra neo-cons, conspiracy theorists, and far lefties should season with an open mind for full enjoyment.

Today’s Special…

obama to host a jobs summit in December. Really, isn’t that like NAMBLA and Kevin Jennings, hosting a child care summit?

obama could care less about creating private sector jobs.  Any jobs that obama creates will be for government contracts, or government positions outright. Look at the few stimulus jobs that have been saved, teachers, law enforcement, and government contracts for the most part. This will be another grab for money, that will, in the end be used to push obama’s agenda forward.

obama, if you want to create jobs, get out of the private sectors way. Reduce regulation, reduce corporate taxes, shrink government.

Learn more;

Yesterday’s Special…

Scientists are excited about new dino discovery.

In a related story, Pelosi, and Reid share anecdotal stories from their youth about the massive beast.

Read full article about the discovery;

Still Fresh…

…is courtesy of, a great video giving the shorthand logic behind obama’s package delivery czar, getting the unions paid once again.  Hey, he has to keep them in business in order to get reelected.


2 Responses to “Please enjoy a daily serving of Brain Soup!”

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    […] Todays Brain Soup, served fresh, and piping hot! […]

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