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obama care and the 300 ton kayak

November 11, 2009

As complex as the health care debate has become, health care itself is far more complex.  Government’s solution, is to treat it as a pool of people, indeed an ocean size pool.

Huge numbers get thrown around.  50 million, 30 million and 25 million uninsured, does anyone really know?  Then the cost projections, is it $900 million, $1.2 trillion, or as some claim actually $1.8 trillion.  Past projections have taught us that, which ever guess you believe, it will certainly not cost less, and has the potential to cost, much more.  Next we have the bills, the Senate bill was 1300 pages, the House bill, came in at nearly 2000 pages, with some 800 pages of amendments,  With these gargantuan numbers being bandied about, we forget that this is about individuals, ordinary people like you, and me.

The sheer audacity, and gravitas, that a group, of even the foremost experts in insurance and health care, could centrally plan such a system, is pure folly, and nonsense.  Unfortunately, we have 220 congressional members who, having consulted with a few experts, have decided, that they can legislate inefficiency out of the system.

My doubts in their abilities comes from the knowledge that they have already had their chance, and failed.  Ask anyone who has been involved with VA hospitals, Indian Affairs, and Medicare.  These are horribly wasteful systems, that fail to give the same level of care for dollars spent.  We have also seen the failure of health care in Massachusetts, the model for obama care.  If health care is so easily fixed, that 220 members of the house, can accomplish it with 2000 pages of legislation, why haven’t they fixed what they already control?

The biggest problem with health care is, in the fact, that it is not an ocean.  It is not one giant pool of needs, rather, it is widely varying needs, as individual as the 305 million Americans, whom it serves.  The better analogy to health care is that it is much more akin to thousands of streamlets, coming together into creeks, and forming into rivers, that then flow into an ocean.  Government run health care is a 300 ton behemoth, cargo ship, that at best can get a large number of people moving in one direction.  What if that direction is slightly off, it will take a massive amount of energy, to even change course.  Forget navigating the rivers and streams, because everyone knows you don’t run the rapids in a 300 ton kayak.