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Jim puts his Capitalist Foot, in his Anti-Capitalist Mouth

November 12, 2009

A Christmas Carol, only brings in two-thirds its projected opening box office revenues.

I don’t know if the disappointing results led to this brilliant (cough, cough) statement, by Carrey;

“I was thinking about it this morning, how this story ties into everything we’re going through, every construct we’ve built in American life is falling apart. Why? Because of personal greed and ambition. Capitalism without regulation can’t protect us against personal greed.. . .

Jim Carrey

I guess if I had Hollywood wealth, I could afford to be that idiotic as well.  The truth is Jim, nobody is forcing you to take $20 million bucks a picture.  Did you rise to that position by altruistic efforts, or was it your evil desire to be exceptional?  Your statement fails to recognize, the construct that income, (greed) is tied to and individuals value creation, and there is certainly nothing wrong with creating value.

You cannot legislate the desire to be exceptional out of people, but you can change the rules.  But be careful, because when you rid the world of capitalism, and it is replaced by central control, the only way to be exceptional is to gain power.  Would you say that power is less of a magnet to greed, than money?  I think not.  Maybe you should go back to earning a working mans wage for a while, before you take a jab at those who have risked capital to put that man to work. Thus enabling him to by the $12.50 ticket to a medium that capitalism created.